Zaisu Chairs

£41.67 ex VAT
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Zaisu Chairs

£41.67 ex VAT
£50.00 inc VAT

Zaisu chairs are often found in traditional Japanese rooms alongside Tatami mats and traditional tables such as Chabudai and Kotatsu.


These fantastic quality Zaisu offer support to the back to ensure greater comfort when seated on the floor in traditional Japanese style.


They feature high quality reversible cushions with Tatami Omote finish or a stylish red and black fabric.


Available in a natural finish and classic satin black finish.


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£41.67 ex VAT £50.00 inc VAT

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Very nice item that I bought as a means of sitting on the floor to improve my flexibility and as a gaming chair. It’s lamina design means it’s really sturdy and nicely springy when you lean back. It loses a star because the padding upon which one sits, is very thin and thus hastens the onset of ‘numb-bum’ syndrome! I’ve commandeered a wedge-type car seat cushion to replace the admittedly beautiful tatami pad that comes with this chair.

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