3mm Bogu - Tombo Ishime

£375.00 ex VAT
\ £450.00 inc VAT
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3mm Bogu - Tombo Ishime

£375.00 ex VAT
£450.00 inc VAT

A high quality Bogu set suitable for medium to high frequency practice, this armour set will excel in both performance and longevity.


Our sets feature as standard deer leather palms (tenouchigawa) and an IBB Men Gane, setting them a cut above most 3mm Bogu sets on the market.


Naname Zashi stitching allows the Men to sit more comfortably on the head without catching on the shoulders, in the same way as a hand stitched Men. As a result many top practitioners prefer this style, as it allows correct head and neck posture along with ease of movement.


Bogu sets come complete with all Himo and Chigawa required for immediate use, as well as a complimentary Tenugui and Bogu bag.


These Bogu sets are available for dispatch from our large stocks immediately.






Duralumin IBB Men Gane
Indigo Dyed Leather
#8000 Indigo Dyed Fabric
Microfiber Textile Uchiwa
Embroidered Men Buton
Kozakura Leather Decoration
Partly Hand Stitched




#8000 Indigo Dyed Fabric
Deer Leather Palms
Indigo Dyed Leather Fist
Single Chamber
100% Deer Wool Padding
Partly Hand Stitched




50 Piece Shin Yamato Dodai - Black Ishime Finish
Tombo (Dragonfly) Pattern
Embossed Beta Zashi Leather Mune
2 Line Silk Braid Decoration
Folded Leather Mune/Dodai Junction
Partly Hand Stitched




#8000 Indigo Dyed Fabric
6 Line Silk Braid Decoration
Indigo Dyed Leather
100% Cotton Interior
Kozakura Leather Decoration
Partly Hand Stitched


Please Note - M Size Do (65cm-75cm) are only available with smooth plastic Dodai.


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£375.00 ex VAT £450.00 inc VAT

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