Kendo Tare

Ready made Tare, in stock in a wide range of sizes and qualities, ready to dispatch immediately.

55.28 ex VAT 66.34 inc VAT
66.34 inc VAT
Kyoto-Pro Series Defender 6mm Tare. Available in Junior sizes.
Available in 3-10 days
77.40 ex VAT 92.88 inc VAT
92.88 inc VAT
Kyoto-Pro Series Guardian 4mm Tare
Available in 3-10 days
140.73 ex VAT 168.87 inc VAT
168.87 inc VAT
Kyoto-Pro Series Titan 3mm Tare
Available in 3-10 days
291.50 ex VAT 349.79 inc VAT
349.79 inc VAT
Kyoto-Pro Series Nexus Cross-stitch Tare
Available in 3-10 days
211.08 ex VAT 253.30 inc VAT
253.30 inc VAT

Tozando’s premium Bogu, the patented Tornado-stitch® model is probably the most protective Bogu set on the global market.


Following on from the development of the Tornado-stitch® Kote, the evolution of the Shudo Tornado-stitch® Tare was an inevitable next step in the quest for the ultimate protection.

Available in 3-10 days