Kyoto-Pro Series Kote - Defender

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Kyoto-Pro Series Kote - Defender

£66.67 ex VAT
£80.00 inc VAT

Created in accordance with the three core principles of the Kyoto-Pro Series, Protection, Quality and Value, the Defender Bogu is the most accessible armour set in the range. With more than a year spent in the research and development of this outstanding Bogu range, the Defender Kote cater perfectly to the needs of the typical “Western” Kenshi. Read the full story behind the Kyoto-Pro Series here.


Built without compromise, the Defender Kote offer excellent all-around performance and are the best way to get into extra-protective Kote at minimal expense.


In stock and ready to ship in both adult and junior sizes the Defender Kote are ready for immediate use and come complete with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY* as standard.


Kyoto-Pro Defender Kote Specifications


Extra-Protective Kote-Buton – Kote pads are constructed with dual protective layers of selected natural felts of differential density in combination to balance weight, density and impact management. Right hand Kote-Buton feature additional layers of padding material and shielding, offering added protection in this more exposed and more commonly impacted target.


Shock Absorbent Pitch Stitch – 6mm horizontal bands of stitching are applied with 4mm long stitches through the Kote-Buton, reducing compression of the Kote padding and increasing the absorption of shock at the point of impact.


Clarino Neo Leather Tenouchi-Gawa – the toughest of the Kote palm material options but the least elastic, Clarino is a type of man-made leather which is fast drying and highly resistant to wear and tear.


Man-Made Atama Fill – synthetic wool forms the stuffing material within the Atama (hand protection). Denser and less malleable than natural materials, this fill material maintains its volume and shape and is not easily compressed over time.


Kote Weight* - 512g


*All published weights are based on an average size Bogu parts and weights of parts may vary.


For further detailed specifications check out our Kyoto-Pro Bogu comparison chart here.


Includes 3 Year Warranty – For Full Details Click Here. *Terms and conditions apply.


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£66.67 ex VAT £80.00 inc VAT

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