Kyoto-Pro Series Kote - Nexus Cross-Stitch

£179.17 ex VAT
\ £215.00 inc VAT
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Kyoto-Pro Series Kote - Nexus Cross-Stitch

£179.17 ex VAT
£215.00 inc VAT

The flagship of the Kyoto-Pro Series, the Nexus Cross-Stitch Kote are definitively next generation Bogu. Built lovingly by skilled craftsmen to an exacting standard using only the finest materials, and with an innovative approach to protection and performance, the are Kote which are firmly planted in the 21st century with deep roots reaching back into their classical origins. The epitome of protection, the pinnacle of quality and the very essence of excellent value, the Nexus Cross-Stitch Kote embody both the form and spirit of the Kyoto-Pro Series. Read the full story behind the Kyoto-Pro Series here.


If you are looking for your next Kote and aren’t prepared to compromise, look no further. In stock and ready to ship the Nexus Cross-Stitch Kote are ready for immediate use and comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY* as standard!


Kyoto-Pro Nexus Cross-Stitch Kote Specifications


Extra-Protective Kote-Buton – Kote pads are constructed in the same way as Men-Buton. Dual protective layers of selected natural felts of differential density are combined to balance weight, density and impact management. Right hand Kote-Buton feature additional layers of padding material and shielding, offering added protection in this more exposed and more commonly impacted target.


Shock Absorbent Pitch Stitch – Arranged in a grid, lines of perpendicular stitching at 6mm intervals mirror the layout of Tezashi hand stitched Futon. The 4mm Pitch-Zashi stitch length used through the Futon reduces the compression of the Kote padding and emphasizes the absorption of shock at the point of impact. This calculated balance of 6mm cross stitch spacing with 4mm pitch changes the way the Buton deforms when impacted, ensuring structural strength no matter the angle the Buton is hit and limiting the spread of shock from the point of impact.


Eguri Profile – ergonomically designed to encourage and enable correct hand position, the junction between the Kote-Buton and Kobushi is specially stitched to change the angle of the wrist so that the Kote shape perfectly matches the natural position and angle of the hand when gripping a Shinai.


Deluxe Smoked Deer Leather Tenouchi-Gawa – the ultimate balance between comfort of fit and durability, this top cut of deer leather is selected and smoked, increasing the resistance to damage, without compromising significantly on stretch and comfort.


Hybrid Atama Fill – with 50% natural deer wool and 50% synthetic wool this hybrid Atama stuffing was by far the top performer in our extensive testing. Deer fur, traditionally used on the highest quality Kote, has a hollow fibre structure which makes it an excellent shock absorber over this vulnerable area. Its limitation is its lifespan because the hollow structure is easily crushed with impacts over time, thinning the padding and reducing its effectiveness. Enter the hybrid fill. By mixing the traditional deer wool with denser modern synthetic fur at a 50:50 ratio, we have been able to maintain excellent shock absorption with subtly increased density, reducing pad compression over time through use.


Deluxe Aizome Dyed Deer Leather Kobushi – the finest quality indigo dyed Kongawa deer leather forms the body of the Kote fist and the additional Yukiwa reinforcement resulting in highly resilient build with an unmistakeable quality of finish.


Kote Weight* - 582g


*All published weights are based on an average size Bogu parts and weights of parts may vary.


For further detailed specifications check out our Kyoto-Pro Bogu comparison chart here.


Includes 3 Year Warranty – For Full Details Click Here. *Terms and conditions apply.


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£179.17 ex VAT £215.00 inc VAT

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I just want to revise my earlier review to emphasize how great these kote are. Yesterday we had a very large beginner with no tenouchi and a lot of aggression to vent. The other sensei left the dojo not only with bruises up and down his whole forearm, but a swollen wrist. I don't have a mark on me. These kote rock.

I bought these, because I opened a dojo and I was tired of spending all week with a bruised arm from beginners with no aim and control. They are fabulous. Kote impact still hurts, but no mark is left on my arm or hand. I am extremely pleased with them and would recommend them to anyone who is leaving keiko every week with a bunch of bruises.

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