Kyoto-Pro Series Kote - Titan

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\ £120.00 inc VAT
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Kyoto-Pro Series Kote - Titan

£100.00 ex VAT
£120.00 inc VAT

The Titan is a Bogu which takes the Kyoto-Pro Series core principles of Protection, Quality and Value and magnifies them, radiating style and excellence. With more than a year spent in the research and development of this outstanding Bogu range, the Kyoto-Pro Titan is a top performing Kote with a fully stacked specification at an eminently affordable price point. Read the full story behind the Kyoto-Pro Series here.


These Kote offer a professional quality specification, guaranteeing performance and longevity without overreaching on cosmetic extras which do not contribute to the quality or lifespan of the armour. The best jumping in point for the seriously committed Kenshi.


In stock and ready to ship the Titan Kote are ready for immediate use and comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY* as standard!


Kyoto-Pro Titan Kote Specifications


Extra-Protective Kote-Buton – Kote pads are constructed in the same way as Men-Buton. Dual protective layers of selected natural felts of differential density are combined to balance weight, density and impact management. Right hand Kote-Buton feature additional layers of padding material and shielding, offering added protection in this more exposed and more commonly impacted target.


Shock Absorbent Pitch Stitch – 3mm horizontal bands of stitching are applied with 4mm long stitches through the Kote-Buton, reducing compression of the Kote padding and increasing the absorption of shock at the point of impact. Reducing the distance between lines of stitching also increases the durability of the Futon and offers additional impact resistance.


Eguri Profile – ergonomically designed to encourage and enable correct hand position, the junction between the Kote-Buton and Kobushi is specially stitched to change the angle of the wrist so that the Kote shape perfectly matches the natural position and angle of the hand when gripping a Shinai.


Tanned Deer Leather Tenouchi-Gawa – soft and comfortable, deer leather is the preferred Kote palm materials for closeness of fit. With it’s inherent elasticity the palms stretch and mould to the shape of the hand and fingers perfectly with use.


Hybrid Atama Fill – with 50% natural deer wool and 50% synthetic wool this hybrid Atama stuffing was by far the top performer in our extensive testing. Deer fur, traditionally used on the highest quality Kote, has a hollow fibre structure which makes it an excellent shock absorber over this vulnerable area. Its limitation is its lifespan because the hollow structure is easily crushed with impacts over time, thinning the padding and reducing its effectiveness. Enter the hybrid fill. By mixing the traditional deer wool with denser modern synthetic fur at a 50:50 ratio, we have been able to maintain excellent shock absorption with subtly increased density, reducing pad compression over time through use.


Kote Weight* - 589g


*All published weights are based on an average size Bogu parts and weights of parts may vary.


For further detailed specifications check out our Kyoto-Pro Bogu comparison chart here.


Includes 3 Year Warranty – For Full Details Click Here. *Terms and conditions apply.


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£100.00 ex VAT £120.00 inc VAT

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What a wonderful pair of kote great quality great safety guaranteed and a superb look... And just arrived a day before than expected!!!! So happy and so excited looking forward to wear them!!!
Thank you so much Martyn and to the next order!! Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!!

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