Tozando Shudo Tornado Stitch High Protection Bogu Set

£541.67 ex VAT
\ £650.00 inc VAT
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Tozando Shudo Tornado Stitch High Protection Bogu Set

£541.67 ex VAT
£650.00 inc VAT

Tozando’s premium Bogu, the patented Tornado-stitch® model is probably the most protective Bogu set on the global market.


Following on from the development of the Tornado-stitch® Kote, the evolution of the Shudo Tornado-stitch® Bogu set was an inevitable next step in the quest for the ultimate protection.


Born of a demand to develop Bogu which eliminated pain, especially for high school practitioners, the Tornado-stitch® Bogu is the result of an exhaustive testing and product development process which puts cheaper copies to shame in the performance stakes.


The heavily padded and stiffened Tornado-stitch® Men, Kote and Tare Buton feature an innovative padding and stitch configuration which significantly outperformed more traditional Bogu styles during testing, offering both improved shock absorption and impact resistance. 


The Shudo Tornando-Stitch® Men includes a detachable IBB safety guard, a flexible shield which offers extra protection against Tsuki.  Orizashi Kote Atama and Men Buton layers facilitate fast drying and Toray’s ultra-comfortable Sillead fabric lining and Uchiwa ensure comfort.


Here Tozando’s long experience, Kendo expertise and innovative approach have resulted in the creation of a truly outstanding Bogu set.


Key Features Include:


Patented Tornado-stitch® Futon – The original and the best, developed in Japan with high ranking Sensei, the thick primary pad is highly protective and has been seen to significantly reduce the pain associated with Shinai impact.


Hybrid Orizashi Construction – Fast drying, lightweight, breathable and great looking, the classic rice grain stitch fabric is integrated with the dense smooth heavy cotton fabrics in perfect harmony.  Very popular in Japan for high frequency practice where quick drying between classes is essential.


IBB Safety Guard – Offering hugely increased protection from Tsuki attacks, the removable safety guard is designed to move independently of the Men so that it is always offering protection to the throat, regardless of the angle of the Tsukidare.


Deluxe Clarino Neo Leather Tennouchigawa – The toughest of the Kote palm materials and the fastest drying, these Tennouchigawa are both durable and practical for high frequency practice


Shin Yamato Do – 50 piece Shin Yamato Dodai combined with a stylish, low key, dark blue dot pattern on the Do Mune.


Tornado-stitch® Tare – Featuring the bold Tornado-stitch® styling at beautifully designed angles and with a specially designed Hara Obi, the Tare is protective, flexible and to top is all, a work of art!


Sillead Liners – Developed by the famous Toray manufacturer in Japan, Sillead is an ultra-soft and comfortable microfibre which readily absorbs sweat and makes the perfect liner to protect the skin from the rougher protective layers of the Bogu.


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£541.67 ex VAT £650.00 inc VAT

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