Tozando Shudo Do

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Tozando Shudo Do

£116.67 ex VAT
£140.00 inc VAT

Tozando’s premium Bogu, the patented Tornado-stitch® model is probably the most protective Bogu set on the global market.


Born of a demand to develop Bogu which eliminated pain, especially for high school practitioners, the Tornado-stitch® Bogu is the result of an exhaustive testing and product development process which puts cheaper copies to shame in the performance stakes.


Key Features Include:


50pc Shin-Yamato Fibre Do-Dai - The main target and protection of the trunk, the reinforced synthetic Do plate is the ideal balance between performance and value.  Emulating a bamboo Do-Dai, the Shin-Yamato component is the most popular Do-Dai in general use in the world thanks its toughness, ideal weight and flexibility, allowing subtle personalisation to gain the ultimate fit and protection.

Kurozan Do-Mune - Classic black embossed leather covers the upper part of the Do (Do-Mune), sandwiching the body of the Mune and resulting in a stiff chest protector with a durable finish which is highly resistant to damage.

Hon-Gumo Kazari - Forming a tangible ridge on the upper border of the Do-Mune, the silk braid Kazari-Ito detail encompasses the Kuroten Shokko and offers some added protection from contacts which accidentally slide up the Do-Mune towards the underside of the Tsuki-Dare.

Kuroten Shokko - The low key, dark blue dot pattern finishes the Do-Mune perfectly, exuding subtle class without screaming out for recognition. 





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£116.67 ex VAT £140.00 inc VAT

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