Tozando Shudo Tornado Stitch Kote

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\ £125.00 inc VAT
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Tozando Shudo Tornado Stitch Kote

£104.17 ex VAT
£125.00 inc VAT

Tozando’s premium Kote, the patented Tornado-stitch® model is probably the most protective Kote model on the global market.


Born of a quest to develop Kote which eliminated pain, especially for high school practitioners, the Tornado-stitch® Kote are the result of an exhaustive testing and product development process which puts cheaper copies to shame in the performance stakes.


The heavily padded and stiffened Tornado-stitch® Kote Buton features an angled reinforcement stitch, improving structural alignment with incoming Shinai strikes. In testing this innovative configuration significantly outperformed more traditional Kote styles, offering both improved shock absorption and impact resistance.


Combining this unique Kote Buton with classic hollow fibre deer wool to protect the fist, Orizashi Atama to facilitate fast drying and Toray’s ultra-comfortable Sillead fabric lining to ensure comfort, Tozando have produced a truly outstanding model of Kote.


Key Features Include:


Patented Tornado-stitch® Futon – The original and the best, developed in Japan with high ranking Sensei, the thick primary pad is highly protective and has been seen to significantly reduce the pain of Kote strikes.


Orizashi Atama – Fast drying, lightweight and great looking, the upper surface of the fist is crafted from high quality Aizome dyed Orizashi fabric. Very popular in Japan for high frequency practice where quick drying between classes is essential.


Deluxe Clarino Neo Leather Tennouchigawa – The toughest of the Kote palm materials and the fastest drying, these Tennouchigawa are both durable and practical for high frequency practice.


Synthetic Deer Wool Padding – A modern take on the traditional stuffing material, this synthetic wool, has a hollow fibre structure which helps to reduce the impact of wayward strikes, as it absorbs the shock better than solid fibre alternatives.


Sillead Lining – Developed by the famous Toray manufacturer in Japan, Sillead is an ultra-soft and comfortable micro-fibre which readily absorbs sweat and makes the perfect liner to protect the skin from the rougher protective layers of the Kote.


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£104.17 ex VAT £125.00 inc VAT

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My best kote! I have the Tornado men and kote, the protection is amazing. Probably the best protection in the market. Its much thicker than normal futon.

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