Suburi Bokken - 117cm

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Suburi Bokken - 117cm

From  £27.50 ex VAT
From  £33.00 inc VAT

Heavy Bokken for solo Suburi (swinging) practice. A useful tool to develop the muscles and tendons in the arms and shoulders. Approximate weight is 1000g* (*natural materials can vary significantly in weight between individual pieces).


Shiro Kashi - Top class white oak Japanese weapons. These weapons have a straight, fine, consistent grain throughout their length and offer the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.


Chaironuri Kashi - Oak weapons with brown stained finish. Made from high class white oak, identical to our Shiro Kashi models, but selected for staining due to cosmetic factors.



Bokken Engraving



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Excellent quality and a very speedy service

excellent in white!
Excellent quality and you can really feel the added weight (near 'real sword' weight). Also, the traditional shape is just as shown -- nice workmanship!

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