White Oak Junior Daito

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White Oak Junior Daito

£16.67 ex VAT
£20.00 inc VAT

Ideally suited to juniors or petite female practitioners, this standard style Bokken is scaled down to be shorter and slightly slimmer than the full size equivalent.


An all-purpose children's Bokken (wooden sword), perfectly suited to Kendo Kata and the starting point for Bokuto in a multitude of sword arts.  Our kid's Bokken is a superior player in the performance stakes.


Shiro Kashi - Top class white oak Japanese weapons. These weapons have a straight, fine, consistent grain throughout their length and offer the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.


Includes Tsuba & Dome.



Bokken Engraving



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£16.67 ex VAT £20.00 inc VAT

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good for contact

short bokken for us short people
When I first began iai there was little option in bokuto that could be bought. A plastic saya was fashioned from a golf tube. As not all of us are built like apes, 'normal' bokken can be difficult to draw, inhibiting technique. These shorter bokuto allow a good draw. Cut the end off a plastic saya and it fits perfectly with these bokuto (and the kurigata ends up in the right place). One issue though is that the tsuka is still quite thick considering these are meant for children. Still, i would recommend them highly for female use as well as children or little people

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