Patterned Tsuba & Dome Combo

£12.50 ex VAT
\ £15.00 inc VAT
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Patterned Tsuba & Dome Combo

£12.50 ex VAT
£15.00 inc VAT

These patterned Tsuba and Dome combo’s for Bokken offer a unique solution for an all-in-one hand guard.


The Tsuba fits over the blade in standard style and the internal aperture and front collar grip the body of the Bokken whilst the rear collar fits over a small area of the upper portion of the Tsuka.


When used with a plastic Saya, the leading collar edge can act like a Habaki, providing a grip interaction between Bokken and scabbard.


Available in circular Domoe (comma) and petal Hana (flower) shapes.


These Tsuba will fit most standard Bokken.


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£12.50 ex VAT £15.00 inc VAT

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Fit perfectly, wife will be very happy now her bokken is fully restored!

Domoe tsuba
better than the basic plastic tsuba and tsuba-dome combo, stays in place very well but could need a bit of tinkering (It was too loose on my bokken so I had to put a bit of tape inside to make it thicker)
the tsuba part isn't hard plastic, which is good to prevent breaking but it's a bit too soft and its easy to mark bad shapes on it if it's pressed against your other gear in the shinai/bokken bag for example.

Hana Tsuba
Really great Tsuba. Fits perfectly with my Bokken. Fits perfectly with the Saya too. Nine Circles staff was really helpful with all my questions as well.

Aikido Daito
Came within two days, looks great, I'm just having trouble fitting it to my bokken? I have an Aikido Daito, if anybody has any tips that'd be great :) Nine Circles Response: Hi Luke. These Tsuba are designed for a standard Daito, the Aikido Bokken have a much larger profile than would be usual for a generic Bokuto. Please email us about this issue and we will try to give you some advice on how to resolve the problem.

Beautiful Domoe
Bought these to replace the standard Tsuba on a pair of polypropylene Ninjato. Though they took a bit of effort to fit they hold so snugly that there is no slipping in spars. they are also almost indestructable (which is more than can be said of the Tsuba they have replaced). I'll be ordering more for my Bokken and Wakizashi.

Comes with an unexpected advantage!
The great thing about this tsuba isn't that it doesn't require a dome. It isn't that it's nearly indestructible. No, the great thing about it is that it has a habaki: that thin wrap around the sword's blade can fit inside a PS-1 plastic saya and keep the sword secure. With this tsuba, my bokuto has become a full sword-substitute! Carrying it the wrong way can damage it, so I'd suggest keeping it on the bokuto even during transit; a small price to pay for what it offers. Rated five stars for "it's much better than I expected!".

Domoe Tsuba
I love these fancy Tsuba-Dome combos. It gives my Bokken a unique look and give me a feel/sense of using a Shinken during my kendo-kata. Everyone else at the club has the standard plastic Tsuba, meaning that this Tsuba makes my Bokken MY Bokken.

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