Seppuku - A History of Samurai Suicide

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Seppuku - A History of Samurai Suicide

£16.20 ex VAT
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Seppuku: A History of Samurai Suicide is the first book in English to offer a comprehensive survey of Seppuku - the Samurai method of suicide by cutting the abdomen.

Drawing on a wealth of sources from antiquity to modern times, Andrew Rankin delivers both an exciting story and an invaluable work of scholarship.

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An Historical Account
I too was pleased with this find. The author was a PhD candidate at the time of writing and so the style is academic although more readable that this term might imply! There is only one chapter of the book that deals the mechanics of seppuku because, in itself, the act is pretty straight-forward: cut your abdomen open! But it does answer questions one may have had nagging in the back of ones mind as to where the cut (s) are made since there are several variations. The rest of the book is an historical account of the use if seppuku describing famous ritual suicide attempts. What it doesn't cover, understandably since this is a social studies account of the subject, is how seppuku actually disables and then kills the protagonist- it isn't obvious as it turns out......

Have been looking for something on this subject for quite some time, but nothing seemed to grab me. Trust 9 Circles to spot theis book and market it to an interested readership.....Quality!

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