Kendogi & Hakama Set - Tokujo Jirushi

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Kendogi & Hakama Set - Tokujo Jirushi

£108.00 ex VAT
£129.60 inc VAT

Single layer Aizome (indigo dyed) KG-2 Kendogi with mesh lining and classic #8800 Aizome (indigo dyed) H-8 Hakama.

This Tokujo Jirushi set from the Miyabi range contains a hardwearing single layer cotton Kendogi with a technical mesh lining designed to wick sweat away from the skin, and a mid-weight cotton Hakama in classic Japanese cut, featuring partially stitched-in pleats and a rich consistent indigo finish.

The perfect entry point for Kendoka investing in their first indigo dyed clothing set, or for those looking for a cooler Aizome dyed option for regular practice.

This product is dyed with Aizome, the traditional indigo dye used widely in Japanese culture and favoured for its antibacterial qualities which help prevent deterioration of the fabric in humid conditions.  Aizome is not a fully fixed dye.  This garment requires gentle hand washing and you should expect blue dye to rub off during contact through general use.






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£108.00 ex VAT £129.60 inc VAT

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