Hakama - Indigo Dyed Gokujo Jirushi #11'000 Cotton

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Hakama - Indigo Dyed Gokujo Jirushi #11'000 Cotton

£75.00 ex VAT
£90.00 inc VAT

Deluxe #11000 Bushu Aizome (indigo dyed) Hakama.

The Gokujo Jirushi model from Miyabi utilises the finest Bushu Aizome dyed thread, traditionally prepared and dyed by artisan dyers prior to weaving.

The ultimate in quality, the high thread count of #11000 indicates a greater density of fine quality threads, maximising the appearance and consistency of the finished fabric and resulting in the outstanding material texture and Hakama performance.This classic cut model also features partially stitched in pleats to better retain the internal lines of the folds and ensure the Hakama looks at it's best despite heavy use.

One of the finest traditional Kendo Hakama on the market today, this exceptional model will last a lifetime of practice with proper care.

Please Note: Indigo is not a fully fixed dye. Aizome dyed products will bleed dye throughout their lifetime and require specialist care procedures.



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