Hakama - Navy Blue Wide Maehaba Tetron

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Hakama - Navy Blue Wide Maehaba Tetron

£49.17 ex VAT
£59.00 inc VAT

These high quality Miyabi brand Hakama have a wide cut front part suited to wide western hips, reinforced side vents, hard wearing thick polyester rayon fabric and durable rubber Koshi Ita (backplate).


A durable multi purpose Hakama with practical wide fit suitable for a multitude of Budo practices.


This dark blue Hakama features front Himo with a full length of 385cm and back Himo of 205cm.



Hakama Embroidery



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£49.17 ex VAT £59.00 inc VAT

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Bokken and Hakama reviews
Hakama was very well made.. great quality... and the Bokken was perfectly made ..great piece of beautiful wood... stunning to look at ... and brilliant and we'll balanced to use in the dojo.. thanks from Stew in.. Cumbria

Hakama - Navy Blue Wide Maehaba Tetron
Hi Team, I must echo some of the other comments on here - everything I've bought from Nine Circles - aikido gi, bokken, jo, tanto and now the hakama have been such good quality and all well priced. My friends in Sweden prefer these products to the locally available selection despite the exchange rate. Thanks for the great service and fast delivery too. Ron

I have 2 gi, 1 hakama, 3 bokken and a tanto from nine circles. Always helpful and great products. I can't rate them high enough. If I could vote 6 stars I would but you can only go to 5. Thanks Nine Circles. Chris.

Your site is amazing in all aspects from the simplest adresses the best katana. Very good

Hakama - Navy Blue Wide Maehaba Tetron
I have bought my first Beautiful Hakama - blue being my favourite colour too! Very good quality and thanks to Martyn, whos help and the customer service was/is brilliant. I also purchased the Naginata Gi - perfect sizing again thanks to Martyn. I will in the future, purchase more items. Thank you xxx

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