Gunryu Shinai - Size 39

£29.17 ex VAT
\ £35.00 inc VAT
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Gunryu Shinai - Size 39

£29.17 ex VAT
£35.00 inc VAT

High quality Dobari Shinai suitable for everyday practice and competition.


Dobari Shinai have a thicker Do, the bulbous body of the Shinai, which draws the balance of the weapon back towards the hands creating a more manoeuvrable Monouchi.  The Gunryu is one of our most popular Shinai models, offering a great balance between performance and value for money.


These size 39 Shinai are fitted with quality leather components, are supplied fully assembled and come complete with Tsuba & Dome.




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£29.17 ex VAT £35.00 inc VAT

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One of the best shinai's. Great quality and quite durable.

Superbe Shinai
Superbe Shinai, tr

Much better than the beginners shinai
Ich habe noch nicht viele Shinais besessen, aber ich kann sicher sagen, dass dieses Shinai deutlich beweglicher ist und besser in der Hand liegt, als mein Anf

Nice Shinai
This is my first proper Shinai after finishing my beginners course and I'm really happy. The weight and balance feel so much better after my cheap beginners shinai and the staff at Nine Circles were really helpful answering any and all questions regardless of how silly or ignorant I was.

Good value for money
well balanced, short tsuka (as it should be, are usually too long), well-cut bamboo. Recommended for the beginner to the expert and low budget

This dobari shinai is very maneuverable due to its weight distribution.A sturdy and agile shinai good for training and tournaments.

Very nice
This pack is very good because of the low price of course! The Gunryu is a very good and cheap shina

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