Raijin Madake Dobari Shinai

51.43 ex VAT
\ 61.71 inc VAT
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Raijin Madake Dobari Shinai

51.43 ex VAT
61.71 inc VAT

The finest hand finished Madake Dobari Japanese Shinai.


Only the finest Madake is sourced for this superior quality Dobari Shinai.  Madake is the original type of bamboo traditionally used for Shinai.  Native to Japan, Madake is a thick, fibrous bamboo with a large flexible cell structure, characterised by its pronounced nodules and clean, consistent finish.


In classic Dobari style the body of the Shinai is very wide, drawing the balance back into the hands to maximise maneuverability, whilst maintaining thick sections of Take throughout the length of the Shinai.  As a result toughness is un-compromised, whilst the Monouchi feels lively, free to move and to strike at will.


Fitted with top quality Gingawa leather fittings, these size 39 Shinai are supplied fully assembled and come complete with Tsuba & Dome.




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51.43 ex VAT 61.71 inc VAT

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As usual excellent quality from Nine Circles. I love the shape of the madake bamboo used in creating this shinai. The madake seems a bit softer than cheaper keichiku and it dents easier but takes more punishment to begin splintering - at least that is my experience. All in all a most recommended shinai but perhaps for the more advanced kendoka that knows how to swing and not apply power.

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