Ryuken Koto Shinai

£41.67 ex VAT
\ £50.00 inc VAT
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Ryuken Koto Shinai

£41.67 ex VAT
£50.00 inc VAT

Top quality hand finished Koto Shinai.


A style favoured by many experienced high level practitioners working on more technical Kendo, this Shinai has its weight distributed evenly along its length creating a sensation of control and heaviness in the Monouchi.  Ideal for practitioners who have reduced vigorous extraneous movement and perfect for attacking with Tsuki.


Fitted with top quality Gingawa leather fittings, these size 39 Shinai are supplied fully assembled and come complete with Tsuba & Dome.




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£41.67 ex VAT £50.00 inc VAT

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Great Shinai.

I opted for koto style shinai, because I wanted to focus on improving my technique. The weightiness of the tip makes it feel as if this shinai needs to be wielded correctly, which after extensive time with dobari and jissengata is in fact a refreshing change.

It simply feels like a much more professional weapon. The weight distribution means that it is much less forgiving of sloppy technique, you need to be much more precise, however when you do sharpen up your technique, this shinai just works beautifully.

I love it.

i just love this koto shinai. the balance is awesome. It is recommended for advanced practicer

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