Tozando Deluxe White Oak Daito

£49.50 ex VAT
\ £59.40 inc VAT
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Tozando Deluxe White Oak Daito

£49.50 ex VAT
£59.40 inc VAT

This deluxe Shirokashi Bokken from the Tozando range is a superb example of Japanese craftsmanship.


Produced in the heart of Bokuto crafting in Miyakonojo on the island of Kyushu, Japan, this dense white oak weapon aims to emulate the features of a real sword, with a classic chevron spine (Kenmine) and rounded hilt pommel (Tsukagashira).


Finished in Japanese specification urethane to lock in moisture and ensure material condition this models is perfect for both solo Suburi and two person Kata, a favourite for Kendo Kata, Jodo Kata, Iaido Bunkai and Aikiken.


Specification Details:




Weight Range*


Full Length


Blade Length


Tsuka Length


Tsuka Circumference


Tsuka Dimensions

2.6cm x 3.7cm

Tsuba Mount




Kissaki Style

Classic Rounded


*Weight listed is an average based on a sample of 20 pieces.  Specific weight may vary due to the natural materials in use and cannot be guaranteed.


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£49.50 ex VAT £59.40 inc VAT

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When you pick up a weapon that instantly feels like an extension of you, you know you made the right choice...

I spent several months weighing the pros and cons of Isu, Sunuke and ShiroKashi. Mainly because I wanted a set (Daito and Shoto) for the long term.

I like the weight of both the Daito and Shoto; both have good balance, and there is weight in the kensen which means that throughout the hasuji, there is a constant sense of connection with the blade.

Of course all equipment is subjective, however I recommend this bokuto (and Shoto counterpart) if you looking for a high quality set for the long term.

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