Hakama - Black Tetron

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Hakama - Black Tetron

£48.33 £24.17 ex VAT
£29.00 inc VAT

Discontinued model - Save 50%


Limited sizes available!


Built from a durable, easy-care Tetron fabric (polyester-rayon mix), these models hold a crisp, clean shape and well defined pleats which are easy to maintain with little more than correct folding. The fabric is stiffer than our H-2-B model.


The consistent, deep black colour is resistant to fading and the top class build quality ensures a Hakama with great longevity which look its’ best throughout its’ lifetime.


Features include:


Classic Cut – With a traditional width front panel (Maehaba), regular length Himo and classic pleat depth, this Hakama represents the archetypal style from which all more specialised Hakama have developed.  If you are seeking a purist, traditional style Hakama, look no further.


Easy-Care – The Tetron fabric is a specialised mixture of Polyester and Rayon designed for easy cleaning, colour fastness and most importantly to hold its’ shape and folds.  This material makes looking after your Hakama a breeze compared with other natural fabric options.


All Purpose – A Hakama without overt specialisation, this model is suitable for Iaido, Koryu Bujutsu, traditional Jujutsu, Aikido and a multitude of other arts where Hakama are the required uniform.


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£24.17 ex VAT £29.00 inc VAT


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