Hakama Under Trousers - Cotton

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Hakama Under Trousers - Cotton

£21.60 £13.27 ex VAT
£15.92 inc VAT

Innovative and practical, these 8oz cotton fabric trousers feature a wide elasticated and drawstring waistband for comfortable fastening with a Hakama tied over the top.


They feature a cut off length, hanging around the level of the mid calf, to prevent the trouser leg showing at the bottom of the Hakama (which is generally considered bad form in Japanese Dojo), whilst still covering the knee for some additional protection.  They also feature a button fly, allowing gentlemen the option to use the facilities without the difficulty and time involved in untying and re-tying a Hakama.


These trousers are pre-shrunk and only very minimal shrinkage will occur with correct washing.


Sizes are based on the height of the practitioner with size L being suitable for a height 175-180cm and so forth.



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£13.27 ex VAT £15.92 inc VAT

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