OUTLET SALE - 3mm Kote

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OUTLET SALE - 3mm Kote

£95.83 £33.33 ex VAT
£40.00 inc VAT



Discontinued model – perfect quality, limited sizes available.


These 3mm Noukon Kote offer the ultimate balance between strength and flexibility making them the Kendo Kote of choice for many intermediate and high level Kendoka.


Crafted with top quality components, these Kote blend comfort and flex with a subtle rigidity to strike the perfect line between shock absorption and impact resistance.


The 3mm Futon stitch spacing mimics the distancing between stitches of the highest quality 1.0bu hand stitched armours.  A 3mm pitch (stitch length) ensures that the Kote Buton is not overly compressed, allowing the natural felt interior to expand more, improving its shock absorption.


In combination this stitching configuration gives a structural strength to the Kote Buton, reducing the impact of a heavy strike, whilst still deadening shock more effectively than more densely stitched pads.


The primary target area of the right Kote Buton is also slightly thickened to offer additional protection in this high impact zone.


Kote Tennouchigawa (palms) are 100% natural deer leather, balancing comfort of grip with durability and longevity.  The Aizome dyed leather Kobushi (fist) is stuffed with 100% natural deer wool, preferred for it’s hollow fibre structure.


These Kote are held in stock in a wide range of sizes and available to dispatch within 1-2 working days.


Kote Specifications:


3mm Stitch and Pitch Kote Buton
Natural Felt Interior
#8000 Natural Indigo Dyed Fabric
Selected Deer Leather Tennouchigawa (palm)
Natural Deer Wool Padding
Single Chamber
Hand Crafted
Approximate weight (pair)- 600g*

*Weight is approximate and will vary with size and natural material utilised in construction.


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