Hachiryuken - Hakkaku Tsukabuto Shinai

£37.50 ex VAT
\ £45.00 inc VAT
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Hachiryuken - Hakkaku Tsukabuto Shinai

£37.50 ex VAT
£45.00 inc VAT

Top quality hand finished Hakkaku Tsukabuto (octagonal oval thick grip) Dobari Shinai. The Tsuka shape makes it easier to orientate the Mune of the Shinai and significantly increases the bulk of the grip.

A truly unique style of Shinai which is very popular in Japan at present, the thick grip increases overall weight, but brings balance back towards the Tsuka to create a very lively Monouchi.

Available in 28mm and 30mm Tsuka diameter options, these size 39 Shinai are fitted with top quality Gingawa leather components, are supplied fully assembled and come complete with Tsuba & Dome.


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£37.50 ex VAT £45.00 inc VAT

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Good construction and overall quality.
The octagonal grip feels definitely comfortable.
Side note, I ordered the 30 mm option and received an octagonal AND oval grip.
It was not bad, I was just surprised as it's not stated anywhere in the description that it was not a symmetrical grip.

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