Kyoto-Pro Series 3-Year Warranty

Kyoto-Pro Series - 3-Year Warranty Details  

We have 100% confidence in the performance and quality of our Kendo armour.  For that reason, all Kyoto-Pro Series Bogu sets and parts purchased at Nine Circles include a 3-year warranty as standard. 
We pledge to exchange or repair any Kyoto-Pro Bogu set or part purchased from Nine Circles, found to be faulty, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty, within a 3-year period starting from the date of delivery to our customer.


Kyoto-Pro Series Warranty – Terms and Conditions:


Nine Circles warrants that the Kyoto-Pro Series Bogu, in respect of both materials and workmanship, will remain free from defects for a period for 3 years, subject to the proper use of Bogu according to conventional methods of Kendo practice. 
The Kyoto-Pro Series Bogu warranty is limited to Bogu sets and parts which have been purchased directly from Nine Circles.  Bogu purchased from re-sellers or other third parties must seek support from their point of sale in the case of a product fault.
In the case of a claim, customers should contact Nine Circles prior to sending any parts back to our offices.  Customers should include proof of purchase, a description of the product issue and, where possible, images to illustrate the problem. 
Warranty claims should be directed to with the relevant information attached.
Return shipping costs to Nine Circles are at the expense of the customer, however all repairs or replacements will be supplied free of charge where warranty conditions are met, and Nine Circles will cover the costs of shipping parts back to the customer following resolution.
Where repairs are inviable or not cost effective, Nine Circles reserve the right to send items of equal or higher quality as replacements.  Please note that precise styles and specifications of Bogu may vary over the course of time.


Warranty Details and Exclusions –


The following exclusions and conditions to the general warranty exist due to the nature of Kendo as a full contact discipline, unless those issues are due to an identifiable fault in the material components or manufacturing of the item:
Kote Tenouchigawa – Kote palms are subject to high levels of wear and tear and will need repair over the course of their useable life.
Normal Wear and Tear – Cosmetic issues such as marks, scratches and damage to the lacquer of the Men-Buchi, Do-Dai and other parts, damage to fabrics or indigo dye through the course of practice and other cosmetic issues caused in normal practice are excluded from warranty.
Himo, Chigawa, Herigawa and Accessories – Bogu strings and leathers will deteriorate in the course of normal practice and are not covered by this warranty.  Accessories such as bags and Tenugui purchased along with Bogu are not covered by this warranty.
Extreme Usage – The warranty is for up to 3 years or 800 hours of practice, whichever is reached first.  Extreme, inappropriate or unconventional training or use of the Bogu, or use for any practice other than Japanese Kendo, invalidates this warranty.
Improper Care or Maintenance – Failure to take appropriate care of the Bogu, intentional damage or damage caused due to the use of unconventional or unsuitable care practices will invalidate this warranty.
Where warranty conditions are not met, but within the 3-year period, Nine Circles will consider offering repair or replacement, however there may be additional costs associated with that offer.
Nine Circles reserves the right to change the conditions of warranty at any time.

If you have any questions please get in touch via email.