Wooden Weapons Bag - Nylon

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Wooden Weapons Bag - Nylon

£33.33 ex VAT
£40.00 inc VAT

This hardwearing woven nylon weapons bag features a reinforced foot with floor studs, name tag holder and an internal zip compartment for Tsuba and accessories.


This bag comes complete with a shoulder strap and is suitable for up to 3 Bokken and Jo or up to 3 Shinai.


Dimensions are approximately 130cm x 12cm x 2.5cm.



Bag Embroidery: 4-7 Working Days



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£33.33 ex VAT £40.00 inc VAT

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Nice bag, with limitations
This bag is very nicely constructed -- solid, handsome, with attention to details like the seam, joints, etc. There is an small inside compartment for a few tsuba and tsubadome, but nothing more. It is perfect for carrying a few weapons -- jo, odachi, kodachi. Overall, it's got a simple look and design. If your needs are few, you will definitely have the unencumbered feel. The bag does have a few limitations. (1) The capacity is small. Read the specs carefully and think about what such a slim bag can contain. If you want to carry more -- especially an iaito or anything with a tsuba -- step up to its bigger brother, also sold on this website. (2) The design of simplicity means it doesn't have buckles to secure the weapons. They will rattle a bit in the bag. That also means the external pockets for the weapons to "ride outside the bag" are not very useful -- there is just too much rattling. There are two "barriers" straps, but they are not adjustable. I probably wouldn't use this bag on public transportat

Very good Quality item
Really good quality. Should last longer than other bags I have had as it has the tabs on the bottom to protect it from wear and tear (all my other bags have had pvc at the bottom, and this eventually splits). I will be recommending this to all of my students when they purchase weapons and bags, etc

Extremely high quality bag
As soon as I laid my hands on this I knew I had to come on here and write a review. All the other wooden weapons bags ive personally seen look cheap, plastic and poor quality, I wont mention names but the Hasu bag really is different. It feels nice, looks nice, the stitching and materials good quality, it has a little zip compartment inside the main area for bits and bobs. And for

Fantastic Customer Service
This bag is far superior to any I have previously purchased. I ordered one with an embroidered kamon and the quality of the stitching on both the kamon and the bag itself is excellent, but where Nine Circles really shines is the quality of their customer service. I had a problem with burst stitching at the bottom of the bag after only a few weeks use and after contacting Nine Circles I received a replacement in under 2 days! I'm positive the problem was a fluke and am extremely impressed with the prompt resolution of my issue - I'd happily recommend both this bag and Nine Circles to anyone.

Hasu wooden weapons bag -
Good quality nylon, made for standard length Jo. The slight downside is that if tsuba is left on bokken, then I can only really get 2 weapons (1 Jo & 1 Bokken) in it. I have a Patterned Tsuba & Dome Combo attached to my bokken which is a bit of a pain to keep removing every time I need to put the weapons in the bag.

Weapons bag
Nicely manufactured, good storage capacity (It carries two bokken a Jo and a Shoto with ease), well packed & fast delivery.

nylon weapons bag
Well made product. Good for standard length Jo and bokken. Standard length Jo only just fits, so not suited to anything larger. Space to store tsuba etc. If tsuba left attached to bokken, then only really space for couple of items. Tanto sort of bounce around at the bottom.

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