Aikido Beginners Pack

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Aikido Beginners Pack

£151.25 £110.00 ex VAT
£132.00 inc VAT

A superb value multi-pack, this Aikido beginners bundle contains everything you need to take your first steps along the way of harmony.


This beginners pack contains:


Tengu Aikidogi - This tough 500g Gi from Tengu has been the most popular Aikido clothing set from our range for more than 15 years.  The ideal balance between suppleness and durability, the Sashiko Ori (rice grain) fabric jacket is complemented by reinforced trousers and a white belt, everything you need to hit the mat! [Shrink to Fit Sizing]


Natural Oak Kanasuji Jo - Suitable for Aikido, Jodo and Koryu practices, each piece features a unique wood pattern. Total length 127cm.


Natural Oak Kanasuji Daito -  These all purpose Bokken come with a Tsuba and Tsuba Dome (hand guard and stopper) and are suitable for most Aikido schools.  At 102cm length and with a classic Bokken profile, they represent a very high quality entry level weapon at extremely good value. Each piece of these Natural Red Oak Kanasuji Bokken features a unique wood pattern.


Natural Oak Kanasuji Tanto - Used in most Aikido school's practices, wooden Tanto are an essential training tool to emulate knife attacks in a safe environment.  Each piece of these Natural Red Oak Kanasuji Tanto features a unique wood pattern.


Tetron Weapons Bag An essential element to keep your wooden weapons safe during transit and in storage, and a legal requirement in most countries when transporting sports weapons.  This is a tough yet simple bag with excellent features including a shoulder strap, full lining and foot reinforcement.  Available in black or blue.


Aikido Tenugui - Translated literally as "hand wipe", Tenugui are used throughout Japanese culture. In Aikido these useful thin towels are commonly held inside the Gi and used to keep sweat under control during training.



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£110.00 ex VAT £132.00 inc VAT


Great Quality, speedy delivery. Well happy with the purchase

It was a great beginners pack that has everything you need to practice your aikido. The weapons are good, I only used them for solo work so far. I would recommend this pack for those starting out in aikido

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