Aikido Tanto & Jutte

Our range of live and Iaito style Tanto offers both steel and alloy options, along with steel Jutte for traditional practices.

54.22 ex VAT 65.06 inc VAT
65.06 inc VAT
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180.72 ex VAT 216.87 inc VAT
216.87 inc VAT
Forged 28cm steel Tanto for Koryu Practice and Display
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24.10 ex VAT 28.92 inc VAT
28.92 inc VAT
Steel Jutte with chrome finish, complete with tassel.
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351.41 ex VAT 421.69 inc VAT
421.69 inc VAT
Tsunami Tanto complete with cleaning kit.
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62.25 ex VAT 74.70 inc VAT
74.70 inc VAT
Alloy Tanto with a blade length of 19cm and Kuroro finish.
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