Oak Jo - Chaironuri Kashi 127cm

£29.17 ex VAT
\ £35.00 inc VAT
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Oak Jo - Chaironuri Kashi 127cm

£29.17 ex VAT
£35.00 inc VAT

High Quality Oak Jo in 2.5cm diameter.  Suitable for Aikido, Jodo and Koryu practices. Total length 127cm.

Chaironuri Kashi - Brown stained oak weapons.  Made from the same high class Shiro Kashi, but selected for staining due to less consistent natural finish.

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£29.17 ex VAT £35.00 inc VAT

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My one-stop shop for good reason
I have previously bought a red oak jo and two medium weight aikidogis from Nine Circles, which have all been of outstanding quality, as has the customer support, which has been of a standard I have rarely experienced with any kind of purchase (they even told me to send back my first dogi after it shrunk more than they originally said it would and sent me a bigger one at no extra cost!). I have just received my fourth item from NC (a red oak bokken) and felt compelled to write a review, which I have never done on this type of comments section, as NC has once again surpassed itself in product quality and delivery speed (my bokken took two days from order to receipt). Thank you for everything NC, you have become my go-to supplier for all things budo and I'm just sorry I haven't given you a great review sooner - although I have posted this on the section for bokken and dogi now too, with your well-deseved and long-overdue 5 stars for those items.

Jo and Tanto
Brought the Chaironuri Kashi and Tanto both very well made, quality is in the feel of the weapons. My wife has brought from this supplier for me and now I am buying from them myself. Excellent delivery time, packaged well. I have never been a fan of buying on-line but Nine Circles gives me that confidence that I'm getting what I ask for Thank you Guys

Chaironuri kashi jo
Initially good finish. After only few sessions of training some noticeable wear around ends of Jo.

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