Oak Jo - Aka Kashi 127cm

£45.83 ex VAT
\ £55.00 inc VAT
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Oak Jo - Aka Kashi 127cm

£45.83 ex VAT
£55.00 inc VAT

High Quality Oak Jo supplied in 2.5cm diameter, suitable for Aikido, Jodo and Koryu practices. Total length 127cm.

Aka Kashi - Top class red oak Japanese weapons. Red oak is slightly more dense than White oak, producing slightly heavier weapons usually. A great alternative to the Shiro Kashi, with a wider grain which runs through the length of the weapon.


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£45.83 ex VAT £55.00 inc VAT

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Great service, very prompt delivery. The Jo is of amazing quality a fantastic purchase.

Fantastic Service and Products
Recently bought an Aka Kashi Jo, fantastic quality, has a great feel and weight to it. Previously bought a 500g sashiko ori gi from NC, received fantastic customer service with regard to choosing the correct size. Delievery is consistently very fast. Will continue to use NC for all my Aikido needs in the future. Thank you

Buy with confidence
I have the following from this company; jo, (red and white,) bokken (red) kama and tonfa, and red and white bo staffs. they are all top quality and fantastic to train with. I work with wood and I can vouch for the oak use in the weapons I have from this site!

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