Deluxe Iaido Knee Pads

£29.17 ex VAT
\ £35.00 inc VAT
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Deluxe Iaido Knee Pads

£29.17 ex VAT
£35.00 inc VAT

Essential protectors for all Iaidoka, these all new ergonomic knee pads from Miyabi have been specially designed by and thoroughly tested by Iaido experts, making these the best knee protectors for Iai on the market.


In Iaido practice, which is typically performed on hard wooden or concrete flooring, the knees are an extremely vulnerable point of contact.  Practitioners need to take special care to prevent injury and long term degeneration linked with impact during Kata and with long periods of kneeling on unforgiving surfaces.


Over the years we have offered many iterations and styles of knee pads, but these deluxe models are the absolute best we have ever used.  Ergonomically designed to cup the knee the dense rubberised foam pad gives all around protection, without being overly bulky or cumbersome meaning the pads stay in place beautifully and have minimal impact on your training.  Exactly what you need from an Iaido knee pad!


Features include:


Moulded Rubberised Foam Pad - Shaped to cup the front of the knee, this dense pad offers the best knee protection for both the front and sides of the joint.


Brushed Spandex Fabric - With dual direction elasticity, the lightweight fabric holds the knee pads firmly in place, whilst optimising breathability and comfort.


Lightweight Construction - 30% lighter than traditional woven fabric pads, each pad weighs just 80g without compromising on protection.  The lighter materials mean that the knee pads stay in position better, for longer.


Quick Drying - Unlike traditional knee pads which can become saturated and take a long time to dry out, these protectors both reduce sweating thanks to their light weight design and materials, and dry rapidly after each practice.


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£29.17 ex VAT £35.00 inc VAT

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Very confortable and good protection. Recomended!

I have tried multiple volleyball knee pads over the years but these are much better.

The knee pads are perfect, I've trained quite a few times with them on and it makes kneeling down much easier , they also help stop somehow the burning of the soft skin on the top feet when raising up from the full kneeling position.

The elasticated grip is just right and the pads bend with the knee joint, they do not chaff or rub the back of the knee, in fact you could say that after a bit you forget you have them on.

In short they take the misery out of the kneeling down training about 80% .

Great knee pads , comfortable , they don't slip down , the material they are made of allows your legs to breathe , will be buying another pair .

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