Shinken Cleaning Fluid

£18.33 ex VAT
\ £22.00 inc VAT
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Shinken Cleaning Fluid

£18.33 ex VAT
£22.00 inc VAT

Cleaning fluid designed to remove the acid from the hands left on the blade due to contact in practice. Primarily designed for steel blades.

Instructions For Use:

Clean any oil from the blade with Washi paper.

Sparingly spray the blade surface with the cleaning fluid, taking care to avoid it getting beneath the Habaki.

Carefully wipe away all traces of the fluid with Washi paper making sure all fluid is removed.

We recommend that Uchiko powder is then used followed by its removal and application of oil as normal.

Please Note: Do Not leave the cleaning fluid in contact with the blade for more than a few moments. This fluid is water based and will cause damage to your blade if not used in accordance with these instructions. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to a sword due to the use of this product.

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£18.33 ex VAT £22.00 inc VAT

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Unexpectedly Good
This product doesn't smell of anything, and behaves just like water when sprayed onto steel so I was sceptical of its cleaning abilities. But it does clean fantastically. I used camellia oil on a shinken which left spots of oil over the surface which I couldn't remove with washi paper alone. But one application of shinken cleaning fluid and a rub down with sword paper left my blade clean, unblemished and ready for re-oiling (with choji oil this time-don't use camellia oil on a shinken!)

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