Iaido Beginners Pack

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Iaido Beginners Pack

£182.32 £145.86 ex VAT
£175.03 inc VAT

Our Iaido beginner's pack supplies everything you need to start your Iai training in one superb bundle, all at an incredible discount.


This beginner's pack contains: 


Miyabi Iaigi Shitagi Set - Our classic cut Iaido Gi and Shitagi set features an easy care, hard wearing Tetron outer Gi with a soft, comfortable, 100% cotton undershirt.  Crisp and clean, this set is tough enough for everyday practice and stylish enough for gradings and events, a perfect first Gi set which last years of training.


Miyabi Hakama - Forming a perfect match with the Iaido Gi, this is and easy care, Tetron Hakama specially selected for ease of folding and cleaning.  A favourite of the Nine Circles range for more than 15 years!


Tetron Obi - Made by Miyabi, this matching Tetron fabric Obi is a classic design with stiffened central body section and softened end sections for easy and secure fastening.  Upgrade options available at supplementary cost.


Grooved Daito - The ideal starting point for new Iaidoka, this high quality white oak Bokken features a groove which emulates the sound a sword with Hi makes when the correct cutting angle is achieved.  A perfect way to begin learning to cut correctly before investing in your first Iaito.  Includes Tsuba and Tsuba Dome.  (Also available with solid Daito option).


Plastic Saya - A tough plastic scabbard which accommodates the grooved Daito. This element enables novice Iaidoka to practice the basic movements of the Kata with the Bokken before moving onto a metal training weapon.


Cotton Sageo - Simple cotton Sageo cord to fasten the Saya to the Obi, this standard length Sageo facilitates the development of tying dexterity and the correct Sageo management during Reiho.


Deluxe Knee Pads - An absolute essential for all new Iaido practitioners, these knee pads have been specially designed and engineered for Iaido, combining differentially layered padding in the ergonomically shaped knee cups, with lightweight, breathable fasteners bring the best balance of comfort and protection into a single package.


Tetron Weapons Bag - An essential element to keep your Shinai and Bokken safe in transit and storage, and a legal requirement in most countries when transporting sports weapons.  This is a tough yet simple bag with excellent features including a shoulder strap, full lining and foot reinforcement.  Available in black or blue and also with upgrade options at a supplementary cost.


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£145.86 ex VAT £175.03 inc VAT



This beginners set is good value for the quality of the items received.
I have had several compliments from other students in the dojo on the fit and finish of the Gi and Shitagi, as well as the Hakama. The sizing is correct also, based on height/weight chart.
The knee pads are comfortable to wear without any itchiness or, discomfort for a full training session and are a relative tight elasticated fit, so check the girth of your knees when ordering. Really comfortable gel like pads without any fasteners - pull on like a sock.
The Bokken bag is a really attractive fabric and lined, with shoulder strap - mine is blue with red lining. The Bokken with groove was selected and it is also of good quality white oak. The plastic saya is what it is... but I preferred this to not having one for my initial Iaido training, it makes all the difference for Noto skills. Of course, the plastic saya allows the Bokken to slide out as you drop into seiza - if you are like me and have stiff ankles.
Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and the rapid delivery, with good communications and tracking, from Nine Circles.

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