Iaido Obi - Tetron

£20.83 ex VAT
\ £25.00 inc VAT
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Iaido Obi - Tetron

£20.83 ex VAT
£25.00 inc VAT

High quality poly-rayon Obi featuring flexible ends for easy tieing and a stiffened central section for optimal Saya support.

This tetron fabric is a perfect match with our IGH-1 tetron Iaigi and Hakama set.

Dimensions are 6.5cm in width, 386cm in length approx.


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£20.83 ex VAT £25.00 inc VAT

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To be honest, i have this and the deluxe one... This obi is easyer to fast, and more comfortable to slide the saya trough and sayabiki. It is also unique, i havn t found any other supliers with this kind of obi. I prefer this one. ( personal opinion)

Iaido Obi
My order arrived over a little more than 24 hours after I'd placed it. Product is well made and looks as though it will last a good while. Quick delivery, quality product.

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