Minosaka Standard Weight Iaito - Koto Koshirae

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\ £795.60 inc VAT
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Minosaka Standard Weight Iaito - Koto Koshirae

£663.00 ex VAT
£795.60 inc VAT

Themed with one of the rarer Japanese motif’s, the Koto Koshirae has a striking blackened steel Fuchi Kashira set with silver inlaid Yukibana (snowflakes). In Japan, heavy snows in winter were said to guarantee a source of water for growing rice later in the year, and so in the moment of a perfect winter, Yukibana are expressed as a powerful source of growth and potential.


A beautiful example of Minosaka’s standard/heavy weight range, these pieces, and especially their slightly pronounced Sori (curvature), are styled after ancient examples of swords found from the start of the Muromachi period, all the way through the famous Sengokujidai (period of the warring states) where the Daimyo of feudal Japan struggled against one another to win ultimate control of the nation.


Average lead time for custom Minosaka Iaito - 10-16 weeks*


Standard Features Include:


Standard Weight Blade – Sand cast zinc aluminium alloy with groove, available in 2.20-2.70 lengths.

Ha (Cutting Edge) - Standard (unsharpened).

Tsuka Ito (Hilt Binding) – Cotton (upgrade options available).

Tsuba (Guard) – Check options available

Fuchi/Kashira - Higo Yukibana

Menuki (Hilt Fittings) – All options available

Habaki & Seppa - Standard Brass (upgrade options available).

Saya (Scabbard) –Kuroishime (upgrade options available)

Sageo – Silk

Weight – 1000g approximately (dependent on blade length).


*PLEASE NOTE - These swords are made to order and take 10-16 weeks on average to supply from the time of order and confirmation of any UK specific paperwork requirements.


UK CUSTOMERS TAKE NOTE:  Additional Documentation Required - Click here for details


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£663.00 ex VAT £795.60 inc VAT

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