Minosaka Iaito - Higo Koshirae

From  £463.00 ex VAT
\ From  £555.60 inc VAT
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Minosaka Iaito - Higo Koshirae

From  £463.00 ex VAT
From  £555.60 inc VAT

Minosaka are a famous Japanese Iaito manufacturer with decades of experience in producing swords built specially for Iaido practice.


Our range of Higo Koshirae Iaito are specifically produced with lightweight blades to suit the modern Iaido market.


Superior quality detailed steel Tsuba coupled with cotton Ito, simple yet striking hilt fittings and excellent assembly and overall finish, make these Iaito an excellent starting point for any Iaidoka. The Higo Koshirae model also features a slim Tsuka profile, especially suited for smaller hands.


These pieces also feature a laquered high gloss black Saya and 7 Shaku cotton Sageo. Weights will vary with length and also from exact piece to piece, as all swords are hand finished. An average weight for a sword of this model is between 750-820g approximately.


These swords are in stock and ready to dispatch pending our final inspection and UK paperwork requirements.


UK CUSTOMERS TAKE NOTE:  Additional Documentation Required - Click here for details.



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£463.00 ex VAT £555.60 inc VAT


Very happy with my purchase: Lightweight, good balance and makes a nice tachikaze sound. The iaito features also look great and it comes with a sageo.

This is my first iaito, light, well balanced excellent finish on the saya. i must admit, i was very torn between buying a entry level iaito to start with or one of the more expensive models in the knowledge that i may end up replacing it in a few years. however im happy to say i made the right call, this iaito will serve me well from many years.

Fantastic Iaido blade
My sword arrived yesterday super quick, four working days including the day I placed my order. Customer service was great thanks to Martyn. I trained last night with the Iaito and it handles really well. Its finish and quality for the price is superb. I'm really pleased with it. Thank you.

Great Iaito
I am a kendoaka primarily, the shinai is a representation of the katana. To further my study I needed an iaito to appreciate what kendo is. How to cut, how to hold the shinai (based on the katana), how I can relax to deliver a good cut. Martyn at Nine circles has provided me with an excellent iaito, along with fantastic advice and exceptionally quick service. Iai or kendo I thoroughly recommend this sword, Thank you.

Great sword for Edo !
Good quality and well balanced iaito. 815 gr for 2, 50 shaku is nice for training. 9C delivery in two days in France. Many Thanks to customer service. Japanese spirit is here...

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