Cotton Tsuka Ito

£2.50 ex VAT
\ £3.00 inc VAT
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Cotton Tsuka Ito

£2.50 ex VAT
£3.00 inc VAT

Japanese cotton Tsuka Ito. High quality hilt wrapping material available in black,brown, blue or purple.


4m-5m length usually required to wrap a standard hilt (26cm-27cm apprx).


Please select the colour you require in a 1m length and enter the number of metres required in the quantity field.  We will supply the full length indicated in a single piece.


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£2.50 ex VAT £3.00 inc VAT

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Black Cotton Ito
Came extremely fast and is high quality. Thank you. Looking forward to ordering more stuff.

Good tsuka ito replacement solution
Nice cotton ito at interesting price. Further colors supply will be appreciated.

Cotton Sageo
We at Two Moons Tsuka Restoration has tried out the cotton Ito of most of the suppliers in the UK, but put side by side in depth of colour, texture and over all quality this cotton Ito has been by far the best we have used. We would recommend it for anyone wishing to wrap their Tsuka.

Cotton Ito
I have used this cotton Ito not only on the Tsuka we get in to rewrap and restore but also on my own antique swords Tsuka. It really is the best cotton Ito I have seen, and they post it out very very fast

brown tsuka ito
High quality Japanese ito.

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