White Oak Sword Stand

£41.67 ex VAT
\ £50.00 inc VAT
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White Oak Sword Stand

£41.67 ex VAT
£50.00 inc VAT

High quality white Oak sword stand in options available for two swords.

Please Note - These items may need a rubber mallet/glue for best assembly.


These solid Oak sword stands are an ideal way to store and display your treasured Iaito, Shinken or Bokuto.


Where most sword stands on the market are made from MDF or composite timber these solid hardwood models stand a cut above in the material stakes..


This classic Shiro Kashi, white Oak, Katana Kake is available in double sword options to accommodate your Daisho.


Requires permanent assembly with wood glue (not supplied) for solidity and security.


Approximate dimensions – 38cm (w) x 30cm (h) x 17cm (d). 


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£41.67 ex VAT £50.00 inc VAT

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sturdy swordstand
This swordstand is indeed high quality. Very sturdy, although mine was a little 'wobbly'. With some weights and some work, this problem was solved very quickly

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