Yaki Tape

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Yaki Tape

From  £3.33 ex VAT
From  £4.00 inc VAT

A must for any hard training Kendoka!


Have you ever thought you could not continue training because of a blister on the bottom of your foot or hand? Dreading for that 1-hour Ashisabaki practice? Fear no more!


This tape can prevent a blister getting worse and can relieve some of the pain the pain on your feet during practice. Different from the common tapes, this Yaki tape performs better and maintains its grip when heated.


To use it, cut a piece to the size you need and melt the adhesive side of the tape with a lighter before applying to the blister or area you want to protect.


Available sizes:

2.5cm x 4.6m

5cm x 4.6m


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£3.33 ex VAT £4.00 inc VAT

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