Face Guard - Bogu Virus Protector

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Face Guard - Bogu Virus Protector

£7.20 £3.33 ex VAT
£4.00 inc VAT

Face Guard suitable for 14 bars Mengane and up.


In accordance with ZNKR (All Japan Kendo Federation) guidance on mitigating risk of viral transmission, this face shield forms one of the two parts recommended  for safe practice (the second being a Tenugui or similar mask tied over the face).


Please Note This face shield is a form of PPE.  It is designed to fit inside the Men, to limit the spread and ingress of droplets present during Keiko.  It is not a guarantee of safety and strict adherence to accepted safety measures must be adhered to.


Men not included - shown only for illustrative purposes.


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£3.33 ex VAT £4.00 inc VAT


This is a very good bit of kit. It's the 14 bar version. After testing fogging is minimal if kept clean and non existent when buffed with washing up solution prior to training. It fits securely and is flexible enough for even weaker hands like that if a child to fit or remove from the men. It's a little hotter than two separate guards for eyes and mouth but far easier to fit and remove than a dual guard setup. We checked all the men used for senior and Juniors in our club and they are all 14 bar so this shield is the one we have picked to issue to all our members. It's also good value as its very affordable.

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