Tenugui - Hyakusen Renma

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Tenugui - Hyakusen Renma

£9.17 ex VAT
£11.00 inc VAT

High quality Hyakusen Renma Tenugui - "Refine yourself through a hundred battles". Approximately 35cm x 94cm.


Tenugui translates loosely as hand cloth. This traditional sweat absorbent towel is used in Kendo to wrap the head and in innumerable other martial arts and cultural activates, often as a thin towel to be kept inside the Gi whilst training to remove sweat or simply to use as a cloth.


The cotton material, although thin, is highly absorbent and these items fold perfectly to slip inside the Gi. We highly recommend these as a great way to remove some of the unpleasantness that a heavy training session can create. We wouldn't train without one!



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£9.17 ex VAT £11.00 inc VAT

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