Tenugui - Hitotsu o Motte

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Tenugui - Hitotsu o Motte

£7.50 ex VAT
£9.00 inc VAT

Deluxe cotton Tenugui with dyed characters - Hittotsu o Motte Kore o Tsuranuku (focus and persist in one thing).

Tenugui translates loosely as hand cloth. This traditional sweat absorbent towel is used in Kendo to wrap the head and in innumerable other other martial arts and cultural activates, often as a thin towel to be kept inside the Gi whilst training to remove sweat or simply to use as a cloth.

The cotton material, although thin, is highly absorbent and these items fold perfectly to slip inside the Gi. We highly recommend these as a great way to remove some of the unpleasantness that a heavy training session can create. We wouldn’t train without one!

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£7.50 ex VAT £9.00 inc VAT

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