Bougu Bag - Henshin Roll Along

£125.00 ex VAT
\ £150.00 inc VAT
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Bougu Bag - Henshin Roll Along

£125.00 ex VAT
£150.00 inc VAT

The Henshin roll along is a brand new model of travel Bougu bag from the prestigious Hasu factory.


This clever three in one design bag transforms, with a simple adjustment, from a rolling suitcase style bag, to a backpack and again to a regular holdall style bag.


Made with high quality nylon weave fabric, YKK zips and an improved telescopic rolling grip, this is a great bag and design, which will easily accommodate a Bogu set and additional items and accessories.


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£125.00 ex VAT £150.00 inc VAT

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A do all Kendo Bogu bag. I love this bag as I was just using a sports bag, I wanted to be able to have all the bits I need without being limited to a backpack. The quality of the bag is very good, it has YKK zip, lots of storage and it's quick to change from roll along to backpack. Backpack strap are well hidden and looks great. I see why people point out the backpack function is limited however, its primary function is the roll along and backpack is just for short trips. This is why feels it's the best as you have options with this and it's priced well for what you get.

I bought the bag on site at a tournament after some very helpful discussion with the vendor. Here's my promised review:
This bag is very versatile but it will not excell in either trolley or backpack mode.

General: I like the small compartments that leave enough space for stuff like bandages, extra tenugui, flip-flops, a bottle etc. The shinai holder is nice too (I would say 3 shinai are ok, 4 are borderline).

As a trolley, I like the weight balance and its sturdyness. It tumbles over much less when dragged than my previous bag. Minus points for the design of the handle: When pulled as a trolley, the main compartment is not sealed off completely, so rain get inside along the handle.

Backpack: Mind you, I'm using it mostly as a trolley. I only use the backpack function for e.g. changing trains and long stairs. If you want to use it mainly as a backpack, buy a backpack. The back part is not heavily cushioned or very ergonomic, so it might get uncomfortable for longer distances and it does not have a hip belt. But the backpack straps are otherwise comfortable for short distances even if it is a bit too high for a backpack (I'm a short female).

In backpack mode, you could hide the weels between the flap that covers the backpack straps in trolley mode. However, I usually leave the flap open and fix it below the rubber strap on top. The backpack straps are still usable this way. So I can always switch between backpack and trolley mode without any changes. This works fine as long as the wheels are not very wet and dirty (this way they will touch my clothes). I find this a good compromise and it is more comfortable to carry the bag on my back then to lift it one-handed.

Good bag, but with issues
I use it primary as a backpack. It is not bad - hard back makes it stable and it is big enough to cary all the equipment needed + some clothes for short trips. Unfortunately, because there is no waist belt, all the weight lies on your shoulders and back, which after a mid to long walk becomes painfull.

Great bag!
I received my order today and this bag is really extraordinary! My bogu fits in perfectly, with room for Hakama and Gi as well! Really, a great purchase!

Carry in comfort
The bag has strong, sturdy zippers that handle nicely. Same goes for the trolly function. Very strong how the trolly and bag-pack-belts can be hidden in zipped up compartments. All done comfortable and quality work. When carrying the bag on the back, the weight of the bogu seems reduced to a third, when compared to the "carrying experience" of bags that have the famous "one belt" for over the shoulder (which hurts the shoulder and pulls you off balance and hurts your back). This is a great bag when you really need to "carry" your bogu around. Space is enough for a full kit, provided you pack correctly. Pack the do having the outer (round) side facing the back part of the bag (trolly frame). Enough space is left betweek the do and the inside of the bag to fit a rolled up Gi on one side and a folded, rolled, hakama on the other. Pack these things before you put in the do. Place the men square to the sides of the do and you have enough space left for everything else.

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