Embroidered Locker Bag

£30.00 ex VAT
\ £36.00 inc VAT
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Embroidered Locker Bag

£30.00 ex VAT
£36.00 inc VAT

Ideally suited to fit inside most gym lockers, this conveniently sized, compact bag, is ideal to carry your kit when a larger bag could prove a burden.

Capacity 30 litres. Approximate external dimensions 45cm x 29cm x 23cm.

These items are made to order. Average production time: 4-7 working days. Orders made at busy times may slightly exceed the average lead time published.

Please note - Some Kamon are two colour designs due to the level of detail to be stitched. Kamon will be embroidered in black and white unless alternate colours are specified by email at the time of order.


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£30.00 ex VAT £36.00 inc VAT


Nice embroidered locker bag for aikido
Altho' the internal length is around 40CM, I can get in gi, hakama, zori, tabi, tanto, water bottle, oshibori and yet is not crammed full... the end pockets are useful too. Mine is embroidered with Aikido in Kanji with a Daito-ryu kamon above the Kanji. The bag's compact size is more convenient for carrying on public transport than the Nike bag I had been using... altogether a good quality product, promptly expedited and delivered by standard post.

Excellent Kit
I attend several lessons a week, in 4 different styles ranging from kendo to MMA. This bag is an excellent

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