Deluxe Sashiko Ori Weapons Bag

£23.33 ex VAT
\ £28.00 inc VAT
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Deluxe Sashiko Ori Weapons Bag

£23.33 ex VAT
£28.00 inc VAT

Top quality deluxe Orizashi weapons bag.  These beautifully made, fully lined bags are crafted from high quality "rice grain stitch" fabric in both non-indigo dyed blue, and bright white colour options.


Suitable for up to 3 Shinai, this classic fold over style weapons bag is also long enough to accommodate standard Jo.  Dimensions approximately (un-tied/unfolded): 147cm x 15cm x 5.5cm.


Features include:


Orizashi Fabric - these weapons bags are built from the same tough textured weave cotton seen in traditional Kendogi manufacture.


Fixed Dye - no need to worry about blue stains here!  This model uses a non-indigo dying method to produce the same classic colour with none of the dye bleed.


Reinforced Base - tough synthetic deer leather reinforcement around the foot of the bag protects the bag and your weapons from scuffs and breakouts.


Shoulder Strap - a reinforced, adjustable shoulder strap allows both over shoulder and cross body carry methods.


Flexible Volume - with a fold over tie top, this bag can comfortably carry Bokken, Shinai or Jo or any combination, length adjusting according to requirement.


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£23.33 ex VAT £28.00 inc VAT

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