RM 3mm Jissengata Orizashi Kote

£91.67 ex VAT
\ £110.00 inc VAT
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RM 3mm Jissengata Orizashi Kote

£91.67 ex VAT
£110.00 inc VAT

Specialist Jissengata Kote with light-weight Orizashi fabric.


Very popular in Japan for competition, these Kote are aimed at higher level competitors who wish to trade heavier protection for reduced weight, added speed and increased manoeuvrability.


Materials are specially selected to achieve the ultimate in light-weight Kote.  Top quality Aizome dyed Orizashi (rice grain stitch) fabric is reinforced with black Inden style leather with embossed Kosakura detailing.  100% natural deer wool stuffing, micro-punched palms and light-weight Kote Buton padding help to minimise weight and improve drying times.


Jissengata Bogu is not for everyone, but for those willing to minimise protection to gain the upper hand on the Shiaijo, it can be a deciding factor in the critical moment.


Ready made Kote are in stock and available to dispatch immediately.


Alternatively click here for more size and model options in our custom made Kote range.




Orizashi Indigo Dyed Fabric
Micro Punched Clarino Palms
Indigo Dyed Orizashi Fist
Black Kosakura Inden Leather Detailing
Single Chamber
100% Deer Wool Padding
Partly Hand Stitched


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£91.67 ex VAT £110.00 inc VAT

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