Oar Suburi Bokken - 117cm

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Oar Suburi Bokken - 117cm

From  £45.83 ex VAT
From  £55.00 inc VAT

Heavy Musashi style oar Bokken for solo Suburi (swinging) practice. A useful tool to develop your cuts and the muscles and tendons in the arms and shoulders.


Approximate weight is 1100g* (*Natural materials will vary in weight between individual pieces).


Available in:


Shiro Kashi - Top class white oak Japanese weapons. These weapons have a straight, fine consistent grain throughout their length and have the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.


Chaironuri Kashi - Oak weapons with brown stained finish. Made from high class white oak, identical to our Shiro Kashi models, but selected for staining due to cosmetic factors.


Specification Details:



White Oak / Brown stained oak

Weight Range*


Full Length


Blade Length


Tsuka Length


Tsuka Circumference


Tsuka Dimensions

2.5cm x 4cm

Tsuba Mount




Kissaki Style

Flat Squared


*Weight listed is an average based on a sample of 20 pieces.  Specific weight may vary due to the natural materials in use and cannot be guaranteed.




Bokken Engraving: 4-7 Working Days



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£45.83 ex VAT £55.00 inc VAT

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Great product at a good price. Perfect for suburi as it is tip heavy which increases the weight leverage. Also the quality of the wood and the finish is perfect, beautiful bokken.

Oar Suburiken (Shirokashi)
Purchased as a training aid for iaido. Yet another example of Nine Circles' excellent products and speedy no fuss service. The suburi ken is an excellent weight for strength training (definitely heavy enough, but not too heavy), very nicely made and finished. Delivered very quickly.

Musashi Oar Suburi bokken
Smooth finish and a great weight to this piece. Very pleased with it and a speedy delivery to boot. Many thanks.

Oar Suburito
excellent product at a excellent price delivery was as usual excellent and prompt cannot fault the product or the service qood quality all round.

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