Brown Stained Oak Junior Daito

£18.00 ex VAT
\ £21.60 inc VAT
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Brown Stained Oak Junior Daito

£18.00 ex VAT
£21.60 inc VAT

Ideally suited to Juniors or petite ladies, this Bokken is shorter and slightly slimmer than the full-size equivalent. Available in 80cm and 92cm of length.


An all-purpose children's Bokken (wooden sword), perfectly suited to Kendo Kata and the starting point for Bokuto in a multitude of sword arts.  Our kid's Bokken is a superior player in the performance stakes, and comes complete with Tsuba and Dome.


Chaironuri Kashi - Brown stained oak.  Made from high class Shiro Kashi which has been selected for staining due to less consistent natural finish.


Specification Details:



Brown stained oak

Weight Range*


Full Length

80cm / 92cm

Blade Length

60cm / 68cm

Tsuka Length

20cm / 24cm

Tsuka Circumference

10cm / 10.5cm

Tsuka Dimensions

2.5cm x 3.3cm / 2.7cm x 3.5cm

Tsuba Mount




Kissaki Style



*Weight listed is an average based on a sample of 20 pieces.  Specific weight may vary due to the natural materials in use and cannot be guaranteed


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£18.00 ex VAT £21.60 inc VAT


I did order two junior bokken and i received them very prompt. The delivering is faster, then the most postorder company in my own country.

After some bad experiences with other vendors (poor quality items and service) I was over the moon with the quickly delivered items and the quality of goods.

Perfect Size Bokken for Junior Class
I was sceptical at the low price of these bokken before receiving them - I imagined they would not be of very good quality. I was wrong. They are well made and perfect for the 11 year olds I am teaching. I may buy some more shortly, in fact, as another class I teach will hear the rumours of the new weapons.

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