Red Oak Shoto - 56cm

£16.67 ex VAT
\ £20.00 inc VAT
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Red Oak Shoto - 56cm

£16.67 ex VAT
£20.00 inc VAT

An all-purpose Shoto Bokken (wooden short sword), perfectly suited to Kendo Kata and general Kodachi practice.  Our standard Kodachi is a superior player in the performance stakes.  Total length 56cm.

Aka Kashi - Top class red oak Japanese weapons.  Red oak is slightly more dense than White oak, producing slightly heavier weapons usually.  A great alternative to the Shiro Kashi, typically with a slightly wider grain which runs through the length of the weapon.

Includes Tsuba & Dome.

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£16.67 ex VAT £20.00 inc VAT

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