Wooden Weapon Care Set

£13.33 ex VAT
\ £16.00 inc VAT
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Wooden Weapon Care Set

£13.33 ex VAT
£16.00 inc VAT

This care set contains all of the items you need to help condition your wooden weapons, promoting their flexibility and longevity.  With regular care your wooden weapons will last you many years of intense training and so this care set is an ideal addition to any Budoka's tool kit.

The set includes a 60ml bottle of specially formulated Kurumi oil, oil application cloth, container for oiled cloths, fine grade sanding paper and full instructions for use.

Warning: This care set contains components of nut oil. Do not ingest, keep away from children and allergy sufferers.

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£13.33 ex VAT £16.00 inc VAT

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Good one!

Wooden Weapon Repair Kit
Having recently split another's dried out old bokken with my good condition one, practicing full-on Kashima Shinnyo-ryu Aiki-ken, I thought I'd better acquire a bokken maintenance kit to ensure my wooden weapons are kept in good order. Nice that it comes from Japan too.

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